The Golden DJedi Order (GJO)

Is dedicated to the revival of the ancient path of the mystic sacred warrior, which dares for balance, harmony, peace, life and union with prime source, the source of all that is. There for its knowledge of the ultimate force of all that is, the prime force, the innermost organic sounding light of the core of the heart of the prime source.

The studies of the GJO are ancient and dedicated to prime self union

As an individual path, the collaboration in the field of practice is key for individuals advancement.

The Golden Jedi Path, is the path of divine perception, divine self expression, divine action. The path of prime self union.

Here the 9 statements of the GJO:

  • Emotion, yet Peace.
  • Ignorance, yet Knowledge.
  • Passion, yet Serenity.
  • Chaos, yet Harmony.
  • Perception, yet Self-awareness
  • Male & Female, yet Prime Self-union.
  • Organic Light Body, yet Self-sourcing.
  • Multidimensional Self-Manifestation, yet Self-oneness.
  • Time, yet Quantum Heart-Based Self-Consciousness.
  • Death, yet the Force.

Its founder, PMJ Lumal Foda (Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken), received the empowerment of prime master by the Jedi Core itself, a field of consciousness shared by Prime Jedi, sacred warriors in a state of union with prime source.

The GJO has 9 belts, and a Multidimensional Ranking system, which includes tangible abilities of application in the field of study, practice,   daily life, arts and business, family, family house, community, culture, society, global sustainable living.

GJO members are practitioners of heart based consciousness arts, including martial arts, consciousness arts, healing arts, sacred love arts, gardening, symbolic language, life creation and life sustainability principles and management, the art of peace, and others.

The GJO is an order dedicated to provide skills to Jedi Masters.

One of the GJO purposes is the unification of the Jedi Culture ( Global, Multiverse, Quantumverse, Divineverse’s cultures of Jedi)

Some of their practices includes: time-bridging, peace-care, multidimensional shielding, lifestyle travel, sacred love, conscious conception, sustainable and responsible business practices, off the grid living, and others.

The process of becoming a GJO Padawan starts by registering at the GJO Online School, The Golden Tree School, The Odin Theta Academy.  Organic lessons and practice is facilitated also at locations pre set by the GJO. Candidates to Padawans will keep the candidate status until the GJO School invites them for a test or assign to them a task or suggest to them a process or event designed for their evaluation and/or recognition as Padawans.

There are five stages of the development of a padawan, with a ranking of 9 Belts, and 5 Functions (Padawan, Master, Grand Master, Council Member, Prime Master)  the GJO provides as a self education experience according following stages of self-mastery and self-knowledge.

0. Preliminary practices

1. Path of Sacredness, as a warrior or lady warrior, in union with divine, prime, source of all that is.  Stable in divine perception, divine action, practitioner of all the arts.

2. Path of Wisdom,  as a wise man or women, able to apply strategies for caring for life beyond that ones of war or peace, in union with divine, prime, source of all that is.  Stable in divine perception, divine action, practitioner of all the arts.

3. Path of the Mystic, as a mystic, in collaboration and co-creation with the multidimensional and quantum, divine, realms, apply its own knowledge of the prime (divine) symbol of life as for the manifestation of its sound and meaning, in its organic divine self expression.  In union with divine, prime, source of all that is.  Stable in divine perception, divine action, practitioner of all the arts.

4. Path of the demigod and demigoddesses, powerful when based on the prime heart, for the creation of life, culture and history; in prime self union with divine source, with prime source of all that is. Mastering the forces that within own self and within the divine verse define existence, life and consciousness.  Stable in divine perception, divine action, practitioner of all the arts.

5. Path of the gods and the goddesses in prime self union, beyond conflict, expression in daily life of the divine perception and divine action, practitioner of all the arts.

The GJO is dedicated to the golden path to divine action, heart based consciousness applied to daily life and business, for life care.

REF. Djedi, to the ancient tradition of mystic warriors dedicated to bring harmony and care for balance in the universe, thanks to their heart based consciousness alignment and state of union with prime source, the divine source of all that is.

May the innermost sound of the prime heart of the core of the force be with you!

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