worst nightmare for a jedi

2013 01

From > warriors from the stars > By L D Maldonado Fonken, Story Teller

Which is the worst nightmare for a Jedi ?

  • A Politician that do not undestand, nor innerstand nor try to get it by its own.
  • Civilians that support politicians
  • Corrupted politicians
  • A political party trying to use a war situation in order to implement their own world order.
  • Another Jedi supporting politicians
  • Politicians planning to give power to black-jedi in order to weak the influence of the Jedi core on the war essenario
  • A faked Jedi that convinced politicians and civilians at their own world to give to it/him/her a politically influencial and power position
  • Jedi students that intent to argue why some politicians are right and some others arent
  • A 500 years planned strategy by politicians designed in order to control Jedi-core
  • Taxes for Jedi
  • Civilians and politicians that love to sit and listen to story telling.
  • Register of commerce obligatory for Jedi entrepreneurship at each location where Jedi are called for service.
  • When the teleporting engine (at Jedi-core) doesnt work and Jedi are left without energy bars at the other side of the galaxy.
  • Jedi-core sent the wrong Jedi-light-sword (one that works only with batteries rechargable only at the central sun two light-eons travel distance far from Jedi location of service).
  • A psycho-therapist that argue that the light-sword is only science fiction.
  • A self-help circle for Jedi after Multilevel Sustainability Boot Camp
  • Visa, obligatory, in order to enter a war zone.
  • The interdimensional Zoo left the doors of wild animals nests open while Jedi went to the park for a picknick.
  • The associations of wifes and husbands of Jedi waiting at home.
  • An sms love message from Jedi´s girlfriend (boyfriend) while the Jedi is trying to turn on the light sword for a battle against the 99 warriors?
  • Silver surfer (when his memory was lost)
  • Silver surfer (when he recovered his memory)
  • Galactus appearing (hungry as usual) at the war zone
  • Batman solving the case
  • The green lantern core claiming rights. They said their teams won the battle.
  • A watcher telling that Jedi intteligence is involved in the unfolding of events
  • The need of a 24×365 life streaming for Jedi-daily-life, as a security protocole against threat, harrasement and governamental corruption. (Jedis do it all according to the law, they need prooves in order to send the people that do daily life harrasement to the court)
  • A planet that wish Jedi to solve their problems of social development and cultural advancement but that prefere that Jedis go to local universities to proove expertise in the matters related to the tasks they have been assigned to.
  • Supergirl losted her cat.
  • Local science academy evaluating the “reality” of the Jedi knowledge and technology, before they get authorized to enter into action.
  • Local Psycho-logist, evaluating the “tangibility” of Jedi skills, for Jedi safety.
  • The oracle convincing a Jedi that he/she/it is the one.
  • Jedi meetup at the Merovingians club.
  • The train man wants to be Jedi, and request interview with Joda.
  • The key maker losted the keys for Jedi-light sword storage.
  • Hans solo forgot the Jedi at the war zone, and left with the princess to Honolulu. (Shewi went for surfing!)
  • Iron Man (new stark industries) suggesting to the Jedi-core a protesis for Jedi advanced performance.
  • Thor claiming that his light sword is bigger.
  • A Jedi, after own space ship was forced for emergency landing on   mount Kailash, meet a monk who tells: There is no spoon!
  • A Jedi meets an indegenous of the planet he/she/it is landing at… the indigenous ask the Jedi for an amepoerment ceremony according tolocal traditions, after 90 days ceremony, the indigenas tell: now, you will be able to read the minds of every one in our planet.
  • A Jedi went for a training reasons to a hidden region of a planet ( the planet was for sure in the middle of a war) and find the following message:…”Yoda went out for hugging trees”. (The Jedi knows that the next tree will be found 36 light years far away from Nabuu).
  • A sect of Jedi looking or the one that will balance the universe with a Miricloridean-reading engine.
  • Iron Man telling Obi-one: ” you forgot there are protessis available on the market”
  • The spiritual children of corrupted Carlrissian leading a school for massage and a lounge in Innsbruck.
  • Jedi Time Travel: credit cards from Jedi-core are not accepted at the location.
  • Jedi war at Money-Planet: ” for every move you have to pay”.
  • Jedi team have only one mobile phone for calling home, and only one Jedi have the password.
  • Jedi training sold at the earth-black-market.
  • Exchange-rate Jedi-core-money vs Earth-money is not ideal at the time of war
  • Sun-blast while Jedi-gang went to the beach.
  • Jedi paypal account cannot transfer money via WU (to the war Zone). It is necessary a local bank account.
  • Every Jedi that arrive to a location for service should register at the local government after 3 days. Otherwise will be punished by local police with a fee.
  • Superman claiming that the red-eye-light-beam is his inner light sword, there for should be accepted at the Jedi core.
  • A journalist looking for the best Jedi story that use to follow Jedi that are undercover.
  • Birthday party of Iron man at the Exapandables Garage
  • The government of a planet threatened by a space-race that wish to dominates them, galactus approaching in a state of hunger, a nano-orpi-biodroid virus (Reprogrammable organic inteligence) technology spreeding on earth through the air, and the kidnaping of all members of the Justice League (and also the 99), request the Jedi core to wait before Jedi-intervention, as according to local laws and cultural customes the citizens of the planet need to vote(and agree, a referendum is necessary): Democracy is first!
  • A crew of Jedi assigned to diferent locations on the Planet-Virus, realize that the Jedi-core wont sent a Rescue-ship.
  • The I-like-Jedi button on Facebook.

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From > warriors from the stars > By L D Maldonado Fonken, Story Teller

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