How to join the Golden Djedi Order?

How to join the Golden Djedi Order? (uptodate 2014.

The Golden Jedi Order is specialized into the training of GJO Jedi Masters
The learning process have been designed by applying SAAP Learning process: self awareness applied learning process, designed by GJO Prime Master El Ahmar (Lumal Foda) Akk Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

Candidates to GJO Masters need to have the ability to show their skills, consciousness, self-awareness, self-love and prime self union state, , developed out of own natural conditions, along self learning process, case study, activities, evaluation tests, projects and tasks or missions.
According to their readiness, and level of capacity will receive complementary tasks, learning process or direct advice by a GJO Master or GJO Grand Master.

Contact, Communication

In the following text will be described the process necessary in order to become member of the Golden Jedi Order.
Communication with the GJO for that purpose, is possible through the 9 questions GUESTS need to ask. as described in this page

How do you know if your application have been accepted?

There are several levels of application, the first one is as guest, notice please the following list.

Candidate to padawan
Jedi Master
Grand Master Jedi
School Council member
Projects Council Member
Council of the wise member
Prime Member

At the GJO we use to minimize the number interactions. Which means the less we need to communicate the better.

How would you know if your application to the next stage have been accepted?
It is very easy, if you do not receive an answer to your appplication (for example 9 questions, necessary to be welcome as a guest) after 9 days, it means it has not been.

In some cases we wont accept a request or application but request to the candidates to add more information, answer some questions, or invite them to an interview, or complete a particular task. If you didnt receive any letter from the GJO requesting you any thing after 9 days of your application letter, it means that we are not interested in your application.

If your application have not been accepted, can you apply again?

We suggest you review:

Communication style

You are welcome to apply again according to following structure, counting from the first application date only at following dates(*).

First application, any time
Second application, after 9 weeks
Third application, after 9 months
Fourth application, after 9 seasons ( 1 season = 3 months)
Fifth application, after 9 years.

If after your fifth application you have not been accepted, it will be no more opportunities.

(*) It means that we consider your have a serious intention, heart based, that you are not just a curious, and have the purpose to become a Jedi Master and Member of our Order. It means that if your application have not been accepted the first time, we espect you to apply the second time, according to the chart above, at the dates suggested. If you dont try the second application, then we will consider you are not any more interested and for that reason we wont give any more atention to you, even you apply later on.


The Golden Jedi Order Guest

0. visit our home page at the official website of the Golden Jedi Order Founder and Prime Master Jedi El Ahmar, Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken Read in the website the introduction to the Golden Jedi Order.
1. Announce your self as interested in the golden jedi order. write an email to The GJO will register you in a list of guests.
2. Write a letter with 9 question to Prime Master Jedi El Ahmar. your questions should be based on your learning intentions, interests and wishes, related to your interest to join the golden jedi order. You will receive an answer to your letter and suggestions, a description of a process necessary for you to join the order. In case guests are welcome to become candidates to padawan the process will follows:

The Golden Jedi Order Candidate to Padawan

3. ,The standard path, process suggested follows:
Watch the suggested Videos, at the home page
Review the titles and context of some of our suggested booklets
Review, for self learning some of our webinars SAAP
4. For each of the learning materials, the candidates will be requested to ask questions and eventually will receive:
Tasks, activities or projects where they will need to apply the learned materials.
Case study
Reports of their development
5. The candidates to padawans based on their self study, questions, achievements through tasks, activities and case study will one day become eligible for a test necessary to welcome them as GJO Padawans

The Golden Jedi Order Padawan

Is a self responsible jedi that brings the necessary foundation and wish to become a jedi master

6. The test will suggest a project, activities or tasks, and request a report. After the evaluation the candidate to padawan will be suggested to continue with self learning process or welcome as padawan
7. A GJO Padawan is not yet member of the Golden Jedi Order, but welcome as student. He, she or it will receive advice and direct training. the training suggest a combination of self learning, learning sessions with a GJO Jedi Master.
8. At certain point the GJO Padawan will be assigned to a project.
9. Along the learning process, the GJO Padawan will become eligible for several GJO Master Tests, if the tests are solved successfully, will receive levels of mastery, as described by the EM900 Belts.

The Golden Jedi Order Master

10. when a GJO Padawan complete the GJO Master training, Belt 9+, will be recognized as member of the GJO and GJO Master, with responsibilities and function in the GJO.

The Golden Jedi Order Grand Masters

11. GJO Masters will become advanced training, projects and tasks, missions and responsibilities that will bring them forward into their training, to become GJO Grand Masters.
12. Along the participation in the GJO, the GJO Masters and Grand Masters will be invited to jon the Golden Jedi Order Council.

The Golden Jedi Order School Council & Projects Council

13. Is in charge of evaluation of Candidates to padawans, jedi masters and grand jedi masters
14. Develop the GJO Learning materials, tests, missions and projects.

The Golden Jedi Order Council of the Wise & Prime Jedi

15. Manage the cares for the development of the golden jedi order, its culture, mission, vision
16. Manage the Design projects
17. Manage the processor creation of services, development of network and community.
18. Manage the implementation of the responsibilities assigned to the GJO by the Jedi Core.

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