The Djedi Core

The Djedi Core

The ideal introduction to the Jedi Core is the description that PJM El Ahmar does regarding on his own Training as Jedi. (Ref Self-Introduction Questionary for the Global Djedi Council)

Who have been your jedi master or are you emanation of the prime force?

I am an emanation of the heart of the core of the prime force.

I have been trained by jedi core members, directly at the Jedi Core consciousness field.

The Jedi Core

As described in one of my books, Sacred warrior, prime love alignment; along several weeks i will engage into Jedi practices, and every night will experience consciouss dreams where i will meet Jedi (Djeeds) from several cultures of the history of our planet and other dimensions, enter in training-combat with them, one by one, several nights with each until complete training-transmision, and along second stage i will train with two or three of them simultaneously and later with many of them.

At the end of this stage of my training all warriors, 81 will appear in a circle to train with me, i will inmeditaly know that any Jedi Skill learned before wont be enough for such a great challenge and collective force the 81 will direct on me, so i did a new step on my inner training, which means to enter my own field of self-consciousness and manifest a pulse of consciousness from my own heart, love based, which wont harm them but defeat them.

As soon as i did this step in my practice, an organic light body manifested in my consciousness field and brought to me a light sword, with the task to teach all i learned and keep in collaboration with the jedi core as one of its members.

Since then i have been teaching advanced stages of my work.

This field of consciousness, the Jedi Core, manifested along years 2005-2006.

In 2007 i wrote my first books for teaching, and in 2009 i thought my first inner light sword and djeedi students.

While i have been teaching since 1986, to youth, university students and professionals, in jedi arts: sensory emotional self awareness, emotional self-management, yoga, meditation, archery, symbolic language, mystic practices, sacred love, self sourcing, prime self union and other practices, like communication collaboration love based.

Since the age of 5 i have had access to this field of consciousness i refer to, and experienced there several states of consciousness, training and practices with Djedi Core members.

Out of these preciouse experience, i will dedicate since young age to develop methods that will make it possible for me to bring, recall, those state of consciousness, experiences and activities (experienced at the Jedi Core Field of Consciousness) into daily life and also along meditation practices (of all types).

I created a self-sourcing practice (not channeling, but to enter in a state of prime self union with own prime sore, and express its nature in all daily life and in all you create).

I developed a new yoga form, called Golden Yoga, which includes archery, swords, sacred love practices, arts, story telling and experience of nature as expression of prime source, the ultimate intelligence of the force, as well develop new path for sacred sexuality and family care, in collaboration with the earth planet and nature.

Which level of expertise have been givin to you by your own Jedi order. Do you have Jedi Master levels of expertise?

My Jedi masters are the Jedi core, that circle of sacred warriors i received training on a consciousness field. All of them are themselves emanations of the prime force, their birth had a purpouse at their cultures, planets, dimenions and worlds. The training i received was their welcome for me to join them at this field of consciousness as one of their members.

As emanations of the prime force, they all are interdimensionally, quantumly interconnected and create together one collective field of consciousness, i am also part of.

While each of us, have own journey and it is a rule to care for our own, after complete certain stage of training. Which means self-responsibility and self-learning are the golden path of action, and divine prime self union the state of our inner heart immerssed into prime source.

In my site there is a stages of training i follow in order to give some structures to my padawans development.

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