The Global Djedi Council (GJC)

The GJC original designed to gather Jedi Masters, wise representatives of Jedi orders, churches, networks, clusters, schools, organizations world wide.

After its foundation in 2013, and broken relationship with the Jedi Assemble in 2014 after Master Lumal Foda Return from Russian Mission, the GJO decide to redefine the GJC mission and purpose

The GJC members are caretakers of the Global Jedi Culture world wide, and is based on GJO members

The GJO is a school of Jedi masters and Jedi Grand masters, coming from all Jedi orders world wide.

The aim of the GJC is to care for the sustainable development of the global Jedi culture as to it’s recognition in the global community as a true faith, communication and collaboration between Jedi Orders and Clusters, to empower resilience, and support development by sharing wise advice and vigilant observation of meanigful events taking place on Earth in relation to all the Jedi Organization’s.

Founder: PMJ El Ahmar, Akka Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

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